A CONTINUUM artist is a very special kind of dancer, and no two backgrounds are alike. However, what they do have in common, is that they have devoted their dance careers to making art in New York City and making a creative contribution to the community at large. Each is on a personal quest to discover their full potential as an artist in an environment that forces one to do so in a way like no other. They are risk-takers and so much more: creative, open-minded, generous, talented, educated, virtuoso, sensitive, curious, and artistic.


Donna Salgado


Laura DiOrio Hartman

Vanessa Salgado

Shoko Fujita

Catherine Gurr

Haley Neisser

Da’Von Doane

Dorrie Garland

Josep Maria Monreal

The CONTINUUM Community extends far beyond the above artists. Below are previous CONTINUUM collaborators:
           Deanna Beasom

Cassandra Coulas

Barton Cowperthwaite

Taeler Cyrus

Matthew Donnell

Ramon Gaitan

Kaitlyn Gilliland

Duane Gosa

Josiah Guitian

Meredith Hinshaw

Virginia Horne

Alejandra Iannone

Justin Jo

Allison Jones

Ted Keener

Natalie Lambelet-Palacios

Kate Loh

Charles McCall

Emily SoRelle Adams

Courtney Sauls

Kerry Shea 

Kate Thompson

Shelby Traum

Matthew Uriniak

Eric Williams

Stephanie Wolf