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Continuum Contemporary Ballet, ballerina, dance studio, nyc, pointe


CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet is a New York City based dance company comprised of classically trained dancers with contemporary artistic voices. We create work that plays in the concert dance spectrum while celebrating a spirit of dancemaking that is inspiring and progressive.


CONTINUUM aims to expand the role of creativity in the art of ballet by engaging in artistic processes that encompass experimentation, collaboration, new vocabularies, and design.

The company was born out of many inspired conversations with numerous New York City based dancers looking for a company with new values.


CREATE work that plays in the concert dance spectrum.
Have an equal RESPECT for Contemporary dance and Ballet. CELEBRATE dancers who continue to learn and grow.

FACILITATE opportunities to make art and dance.
VALUE the voice and intellect of each collaborating artist.

Make ballet that is unafraid of CHANGE!


CONTINUUM signifies our attitude towards the classification of movement; we see every style, concept, and genre in the concert dance realm as equal and relative devices for our creativity, expressivity, and artistry.


CONTEMPORARY: an umbrella dance term referring to modern day movement systems, improvisation methods, and new cultural/aesthetic shifts.

BALLET: a western dance technique that is often traditional and codified, and applies the aesthetics of classicism and line to the human body and to groups of humans in choreography, while often embracing story telling and romanticism in theatrical presentation.

  / (the slash) is a demonstration of our respect for both ideas and illustrates two opposing points of the spectrum.

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